Heal Your Gums Painlessly With LANAP in Lubbock

Most adults will experience some form of gum disease during their lifetime. Traditional methods of treating the disease rely on surgical procedures to remove unwanted bacteria and give patients back their healthy smile. At High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, you can receive Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, or LANAP, in Lubbock. This type of treatment is less invasive and provides excellent results. A LANAP procedure offers you:

  • Comfortable treatment that typically takes less than an hour
  • Quick recovery time without pain or soreness
  • Little if any bleeding or inflammation
  • Results that are usually evident after just one appointment
  • Precise targeting of diseased tissue that leaves the surrounding healthy tissue unaffected

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LANAP Therapy Offers You Many Benefits

The growing popularity of LANAP treatment is a direct result of the benefits and long-term effects of the procedure on patients. LANAP shows a very high success rate in the treatment of periodontal disease. It is also one of the safest procedures for gum disease treatment. In addition:

  • The treatment is much less invasive than traditional surgical methods that involve the use of scalpels. A LANAP procedure causes less discomfort and results in a much shorter healing time.
  • Patients that undergo LANAP treatment heal quickly, often requiring no downtime after completing treatment. The slight discomfort and irritation caused by the procedure goes away within hours, so you can function normally in no time.
  • LANAP therapy targets bacteria directly, and the surrounding tissue does not experience the same type of discomfort. On average, bleeding and inflammation are just 10 percent of what a regular treatment causes.
  • Since LANAP therapy is a focused and targeted treatment that does not damage the surrounding tissue, gum recession is much less noticeable.
  • A LANAP procedure can play an important role in preserving your natural teeth. By treating the affected areas only and avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue, the treatment prolongs the life of your teeth. This leaves extraction as a final resort.

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