Sinus Lifts

Improve Your Chances For Implants
  • Realize all the benefits of dental implants
  • Increase chewing efficiency & regain oral function
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Lubbock Sinus Lifts Get Your Smile Ready for Implants

When you’re getting dental implants placed in your upper jaw, it may require preparation to ensure your mouth is ready for the procedure. Our sinus lifts in Lubbock raise up the sinus so we can increase the volume of bone in your upper jaw. This procedure will:

  • Improve the bone health in your jaw for a stronger bite
  • Get you one step closer to getting your implants
  • Be completed by an experienced periodontist you can trust
  • Remain stress-free thanks to our numbing anesthetic and sedation options

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Make Room in Your Upper Jaw for Implants

Before we place your implants, we start out by taking panoramic X-rays and 3-D scans to get a better understanding of your sinus ridge area. If we determine it’s necessary to perform a sinus lift, we can perform a procedure to give your mouth the structure it needs for successful implant placement.

Your periodontist may take one of two approaches, depending on what’s best for you:

  • Vertical Sinus Lift – This minimally invasive approach is usually done while placing your implants. It works best if you need a little more height to accommodate an implant.
  • Lateral Sinus Lift – With this procedure, your periodontist moves the sinus upward through a small opening in your jawbone. Bone grafting material is then placed there to set the foundation for a future implant.

Depending on the sinus lift needed for your implants, there may be some healing time. Once it has fully healed, we’ll place your implants. Then you can enjoy all the foods you love and better oral function.

It’s understandable to feel anxious about a sinus lift procedure. However, you can receive sedation to help you remain calm and stress-free. We also have private operatories so you feel comfortable and confident asking us any questions you may have about the procedure. You can even cozy up with a blanket or pillow during your appointment.

For sinus lifts in Lubbock, call 806-507-6906 for an appointment or schedule online. If you don’t have insurance, you can join our membership plan. You’ll pay an annual fee and save on our services.

Common Questions About Sinus Lifts

What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift is a type of bone graft for the upper jaw. It is used when the sinus has expanded and there is not enough bone to support dental implants. The procedure itself simply adjusts your sinus cavity and adds bone material so you can get dental implants and new replacement teeth.

Are sinus lifts safe?

Yes, sinus lifts are completely safe, especially in the skilled hands of Dr. Everett. He has performed this procedure many times, so you can rest assured he has the skills and expertise you want in a dental professional. The procedure itself simply adjusts your sinus cavity and adds bone material to a thin or weak upper jaw so you can get dental implants and new replacement teeth.

When are sinus lifts necessary?

The upper back jaw is one of the trickiest areas to place dental implants because of its location near your sinuses. If you lose bone in the area following tooth loss, there may not be enough bone to support implants. We can gently move your sinuses up and add bone grafting material to create a better site for implant placement.

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