Give Your Smile New Life With Dental Implants in Lubbock

Imagine going to a barbecue without worrying if you can actually eat the food or going to a social event without wondering if people will notice your missing teeth. With dental implants in Lubbock, we love helping patients restore their beautiful smiles and enjoy their lives again with no limitations. With our help, you can:

  • Regain strong chewing power
  • Protect your jawbone health by avoiding bone loss
  • Reveal a confident smile to those around you
  • Keep your dentures in place without adhesive
  • Strengthen your oral health and improve your overall health
  • Show off teeth that look and feel natural

Your new smile is waiting for you! Call 806-507-6906 for an appointment. Take advantage of our consultation special. For only $50, our periodontist will examine you and use panoramic X-rays and 3-D scans to determine your readiness for implants. He will also review all of your implant treatment options with you.

Achieve a Lifelike Set of Teeth With Implants

Whether you are missing one tooth or many teeth, implants benefit patients from all walks of life. Once our periodontist places these artificial tooth roots into your jaw, they stimulate the bone much like natural tooth roots. This helps you avoid bone loss and ensures your bite remains as strong as ever.

We offer many dental implant procedures. We’ll determine the best one for you, depending on your bone health and personal smile needs. Your options include:

  • Single Implant – When you need to replace one or just a few teeth, we can place single implants where needed in your mouth to support a dental crown or bridge.
  • All-on-4® Dental Implants Dr. Everett will place four implants instead of the standard eight to replace an entire arch of teeth. The procedure takes less time and results in a quicker healing time.
  • Mini Dental Implants – These implants are perfect for older adults who may not have the bone strength for standard implants. You’ll increase the strength of your bite and feel more confident wearing dentures.
  • Same-Day Smile – There’s no need to live with missing teeth any longer! We’ll give you a set of temporary teeth once your implants are in place, so you can smile with confidence the same day you arrive.
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction – We’ll work alongside your general dentist to rebuild your smile suffering from widespread damage, tooth loss, or infection.

If necessary, we may need to perform a procedure to replenish your bone health, such as a bone grafting, ridge augmentation, or a sinus lift. During your initial examination, we’ll determine what’s right for you and your smile. If you’ve come to see us as a referral from your general dentist, we’ll work closely with them throughout your time with us.

In addition to our periodontist’s advanced training and extensive experience with implant placement, you’ll benefit from our use of modern dental technology. For example, we use panoramic X-rays and 3-D cone-beam imaging to get a clear image of your mouth for planning purposes. We also use our X-mark® computer-guided placement technology to place your implants successfully.

Saving a Failed Implant

Dental implants have a 96% success rate, but there are instances where dental implants fail. Often, this happens because of an allergic reaction, osseointegration failure, problems with your sinuses, preexisting medical conditions, or tobacco use. You’ll know your dental implant is in trouble if you experience pain, discomfort chewing, swelling, receding gums around the implant, teeth grinding, or you feel your implant shifting.

We can help! We’ll begin with conservative treatment methods, such as doing a deep cleaning around the implant and starting antibiotics. If we cannot save your dental implant, we may recommend removing the implant and trying again for a better result.

If you feel nervous about implant procedure, we can offer sedation to help you remain anxiety-free. You’ll have a sense of calm in our private operatories that remain closed during your appointment. Plus our office is stocked with comforting amenities like pillows and blankets.

Transform your smile with dental implants in Lubbock. Call 806-507-6906 for an appointment. You can also schedule online. Ask about our membership plan for savings!

Common Questions About Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic tooth root replacements for teeth that have been lost or removed. Implants are anchored into your jawbone, which makes restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures secure. With implants, your replacement teeth can generate more bite strength, so you can eat anything you would like.

Are dental implants painful?

You should not feel any pain at all when getting your new implants and only mild discomfort after your procedure. Your mouth will be numb during your implant placement to prevent pain, and anchoring your new teeth should be comfortable. If you’re nervous about your procedure here, we also offer dental sedation to help you relax.

Can dental implants be removed?

While implants can technically be removed, there would most likely never be a reason to remove them. The dental implants themselves fuse with your jawbone and become part of it, lasting for decades or even potentially the rest of your life. The artificial teeth we attach to them usually last for at least five to seven years, after which they may need replacement.

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