Gum Grafts Get Your Gums Back To Health
  • Enjoy comfortable & attractive gums again
  • End sensitivity by covering exposed tooth roots
  • Save money with our low-cost consultation

Revive Your Gum Health With Lubbock Gum Grafts

If you’ve suffered from severe gum disease, you’ve likely experienced significant gum loss. Leaving your tooth roots exposed can lead to potential problems with your oral health, and it reduces the beauty of your smile. Our gum grafts in Lubbock can replenish what’s been lost in your gumline, so you can:

  • Reduce further gum loss in your mouth
  • Prevent possible tooth and bone loss
  • Eliminate pain and sensitivity
  • Cover tooth roots and improve your overall appearance
  • Enjoy healthier-looking gums

Call 806-507-6906 for an appointment if you are concerned about your gum recession. Ask about our $50 consultation special. Any radiographs needed to properly diagnose and discuss treatment options are included, and your dentist will discuss everything with you.

Receive Your Grafting Procedure From a Gum Specialist

Gum recession is surprisingly common among adults. Half of people between the ages of 18 to 64 have a receding gumline, and nine out of 10 adults above the age of 65 do as well. During a gum grafting procedure, tissue from the roof of your mouth or from a donor is placed along the areas where you have lost gum tissue. In some cases, synthetic gum tissue may be used.

During your examination, we will use X-rays to get a full picture of your mouth and determine which treatment is best for you. Most important, we also will address any periodontal infections if you haven’t seen us before for treatment. You’ll know your gum repair is in the right hands because it’s performed by a board-certified periodontist, a specialist in gum health.

There’s no reason to feel anxious about the procedure either. We will:

  • Numb your mouth with a local anesthetic so you don’t feel a thing
  • Offer you sedation to keep you completely relaxed throughout your treatment
  • Provide you with a neck pillow, blanket, and headphones for music or TV so you feel at home

Our gum grafts in Lubbock help your gums look and feel great again. Call 806-507-6906 for an appointment. You can also schedule online. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our in-house membership plan. You’ll pay an annual fee and receive savings on most treatments.

Common Questions About Gum Grafts

How do gum grafts work?

If your gums recede due to gum disease or other factors, your tooth roots can be exposed. This causes uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold substances. It also makes you more susceptible to dental decay and other problems and can even result in losing teeth. To avoid these issues, we can evaluate you for a gum grafting procedure.

Are gum grafts worth it?

Gum grafts are worth it because they keep your teeth intact. You can avoid the cost and hassle of replacing lost teeth. Since you can’t get dental implants without healthy gums, your tooth replacement options would also be limited without a gum graft. A gum graft can also restore the appearance of a smile that has receding gums and exposed tooth roots.

How long does it take for gum grafts to heal?

It usually takes only a week or two for a gum graft to heal. However, you will feel better very soon after the procedure. We consistently see the graft improve over the next 6-12 months with proper care. Any minor discomfort is usually easy to manage with over-the-counter medication. We’ll provide you with complete instructions to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery. You’ll need to be careful brushing and flossing for a few days and may need to avoid certain foods as well.

My dentist says fillings can restore or hide the recession. Why would I consider a graft?

Many of today’s dental materials have a hard time binding to root surfaces. These fillings typically leak and need replacement. If this is done too many times, teeth are eventually lost and have to be replaced.

Why should a periodontist perform my grafting?

Through several years of residency and practice, a periodontist has knowledge of the multitude of causes and contributing factors. If the offending variables are not properly identified and addressed, recession can return. As a board-certified periodontist, we are also well versed in the proper techniques, procedures, and materials needed to give the best results.

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