Periodontal Therapy Protect Your Oral & Overall Health

Keep Your Smile Complete With Periodontal Therapy in Lubbock

Your teeth are certainly an essential part of your healthy smile. But to maintain your oral health, you need to keep your gums in good shape too. That is why our periodontal therapy in Lubbock, TX is a valuable resource for you and your loved ones. Through our specialty treatment, we can:

  • Remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth and below the gumline
  • Remove infected periodontal tissue
  • Improve your smile and your overall health
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Rebuild supportive structures for your teeth

At High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we work closely with general dentists throughout West Texas and New Mexico to provide a higher level of gum care. When you visit our office, you are receiving care from a board-certified periodontist. Our doctor has years of advanced training devoted to gum health. He works with you and your family dentist to ensure your mouth is as healthy as it can be. Your dentist will review your information and develop a plan that addresses your dental needs.

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Protect Your Periodontal Health

Periodontics is one of the dental specialities recognized by the American Dental Association. Periodontists are dentists who have three additional years of training beyond dental school. This field of dentistry is focused on treating and preventing inflammatory disease that destroys gum tissue and other structures that support for your teeth. This inflammation has also been linked to systemic health issues including diabetes.

Some of our basic services include:

  • Exams – Before we know what to do for you, we need to make a thorough examination of your mouth. In addition to a visual exam, we use X-rays to find and diagnose problems.
  • Deep Cleaning – This is also known as scaling. We remove tartar that has built up in your mouth, including under your gumline, an area where bacteria collects and causes problems. Tartar threatens your smile by irritating your gums and weakening structures around your tooth.
  • Root Planing – After removing tartar, we smooth the surface of the roots of your teeth. Known as planing, this process makes it easier for your gum tissue to reattach to your teeth as you recover. It also helps prevent bacteria from accumulating in “pockets” under your gumline.
  • Laser Assisted Non-Surgical Treatment – One of the most effective ways to treat gum disease is with state-of-the-art dental laser. When used in conjunction with scaling and root planing, laser therapy helps create better outcomes for patients.
  • Perio Protect – This is a noninvasive treatment for gum infections. You will receive custom-made trays that keep an antibiotic medication where it needs to be to provide the maximum benefit. This also allow the medication to reach places you can’t get to with a toothbrush or floss.
  • Gum Surgery – In serious cases of periodontal disease, it may be necessary to remove gum tissue to eliminate an infection.
  • Gum Grafts – This treatment is how we rebuild your gum tissue if your gums have receded.

In addition to the procedures mentioned here, we can provide specialized oral medicine and diagnostic biopsies to help you improve and preserve your healthy smile. Plus, we can replace teeth with dental implants, including advanced treatments such as All-on-4 implants. We also remove problematic teeth, including wisdom teeth.

If you are suffering from chronic gum health issues, our team at High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is ready to help. To make an appointment for periodontal therapy in Lubbock, TX, call 806-507-6906. Or  schedule online.

Common Questions About Periodontal Therapy

What is periodontal therapy?

Periodontics is an area of dentistry that focuses on the things that support your teeth – your gums and jawbone. As your periodontist, we’ll diagnose, treat, and prevent gum disease so you can maintain good oral health. Because this is our specialty, you get the benefits of our extensive experience in this specific area as well as our patient treatment techniques you may not find at a general dentist.

Why should I visit a periodontal specialist?

Your dentist may have recommended you come to see us because you need the help of a specialist to eliminate the infection in your gums. With advanced gum disease, you run the risk of losing a tooth if you don’t receive the treatment your smile needs. We’ll develop a treatment plan that focuses on restoring your gum health and, hopefully, avoiding the more serious consequences of gum disease.

Will periodontal treatment hurt?

Absolutely not! When you come to see us for gum disease treatment, we focus on making you as comfortable as possible. In addition to our advanced treatment techniques and modern dental equipment, we also can offer you sedation to help you feel at ease. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss which of our sedation options is best for you.

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