You already know that you should see a dentist regularly for the sake of a healthy smile.

That’s just the start of the reasons why you should regularly visit your dentist, however. By coming to our office in Lubbock, TX, we can help with your overall health as well.

In today’s post, we want to discuss some of the ways your dentist can help you identify other health problems while improving your dental health.

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Diabetes can cause a number of health complications. Your dentist could be the first line in 

identifying symptoms of this condition.

People with diabetes have a higher risk of halitosis (chronic bad breath), dry mouth, gum disease, and thrush, which is a fungal infection. When you have diabetes, your body is less able to fight off infections. That’s why oral health issues can be some of the first indicators that your condition is not under control.

At the same time, maintaining your healthy smile can make you more able to manage your blood sugar.

Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a chronic type of acid reflux. Frequent heartburn is often a telltale sign that you may have GERD.

As part of this condition, acid from your stomach and reach your esophagus and erode the enamel of your teeth. Dental professionals are aware of what this looks like. During an exam, we are looking for signs of problems, and we will let you know if we see anything that is a cause for concern.

Heart Disease

Inflammation of your gum tissue can be a sign of heart disease and cardiovascular problems.

In fact, the same bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease can cause similar issues with your heart.

Taking action to prevent and treat gum disease can make heart issues less likely.

Oral Cancer

Yes, oral cancer is a mouth issue, but it can be painless for a long time before many people are aware they have it. Early detection can significantly increase your odds of surviving these kinds of cancers.

Our team will check for changes in the color of your soft tissues. We can identify lumps, warts, and other signs that may be a cause for concern.

Come See Us Regularly

Your oral care routine should include brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once per day. However, that is not enough to maintain and improve your oral health. Regular visits with your dentist keep your smile in good shape.

These appointments don’t just help you prevent dental health issues. They can be invaluable in identifying other potential problems that can affect your well-being and quality of life.

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