Periodontal Plastic Surgery


Soft-tissue gum grafting is a common method of treating gum recession that results from periodontal disease, orthodontic issues, age, and/or other factors. To reestablish healthy, secure gingivae and periodontal tissues, Dr. Everett can suggest a soft-tissue graft, which describes surgically grafting similar tissues onto areas of diseased/destroyed gums. Since diseased or recessed gums may not be able to heal themselves, a soft-tissue graft may be the most effective way to rebuild your periodontal health.

FAQs About Soft-Tissue Gum Grafting

When is soft-tissue grafting necessary?

The reasons for choosing soft-tissue grafting vary from patient to patient. For instance, aggressive gum recession might affect your smile’s appearance, making a gum graft an effective cosmetic solution. If recession is due to irreversible damages from periodontal disease, then a soft-tissue graft might be necessary to strengthen your gums against the effects of the disease.

What types of soft-tissue grafting are available?

Soft-tissue grafting often involves tissue from another area of your mouth, such as the palate or another section of healthy gum tissue. Such grafting is known as autogenous, and is frequently the preferred method. If you have insufficient tissue of your own, then an allogeneic graft may be required, which utilizes donor tissue from another source.

Will I need anesthesia/sedation during a gum graft procedure?

Though Dr. Everett performs gum grafts in a minimally-invasive manner, the procedure is still surgical. Before your treatment begins, you may opt for appropriate dental sedation, as well as local anesthesia, to minimize anxiety and discomfort.

What are the benefits of soft-tissue grafting?

Reinforcing your periodontal health with a soft-tissue graft offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Stopping gum recession and the risk of bone loss
  • Covering and protecting exposed roots
  • Improving your smile’s overall appearance
  • Improved overall periodontal health

Reverse Gum Recession with Soft-Tissue Grafting

If your smile’s appearance is affected by receding gums, then find out if soft-tissue grafting can reverse the effects and reestablish your healthy, attractive gum line. To schedule an appointment, email, or call our office in Lubbock, TX at 806-686-1262. We offer a free consultation (typically valued at $400) that includes any radiographs Dr. Everett may need for proper diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desires.

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