Untreated periodontal disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss in the United States. However, not everyone who develops periodontal disease needs to lose one or more teeth because of it. Saving teeth is an important role of your periodontist, and through advanced techniques and technology, Dr. Everett can do so effectively and comfortably.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

The connection between periodontal disease and tooth loss lies in the damage that the disease causes to the tissues, ligaments, and bone structure supporting your roots. As periodontal tissues and jawbone mass are lost, there is little left to support your teeth, which will eventually require extraction (if they do not fall out on their own first).

In many cases, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR,) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) can help rebuild those supportive structures to prevent tooth extraction or loss. Dr. Everett will utilize biocompatible barrier membranes to guide the growth of new bone and tissue, restoring the deep pockets that have formed around your roots. With Videoscope-aided Minimally Invasive Surgery (VMIS), bone and tissue regeneration (as well as other oral surgery procedures) can be performed with miniscule incisions, reducing recovery time as well as discomfort during your procedure.

GTR with V-MIS

With the utilization of Videoscope-aided Minimally Invasive Surgery (VMIS), only minute incisions are required to perform bone and tissue regeneration (as well as other oral surgery procedures). Recovery time and discomfort are also reduced during the procedure. Dr. Everett is one of only a handful of periodontists in the United States utilizing this technology and trained directly under the technique’s innovator, Dr. Steve Harrel. High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is proud to be only the fourth office worldwide to offer this technique.

Periodontal Disease Doesn’t Have to Lead to Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease may be the leading cause of tooth loss, but you can prevent it from costing you one or more teeth if you seek appropriate treatment in time. To find out if Dr. Everett can help you save your teeth, schedule a visit by emailing, or calling our office in Lubbock, TX at 806-686-1262. We offer a free consultation (typically valued at $400) that includes any radiographs Dr. Everett may need for proper diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desires.

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