Single Tooth Implant

a patient with single tooth implant in Lubbock, TX

Single Tooth Implants Offer Realistic Results

A dental implant is essentially a replacement for a lost tooth root and offers support to a replacement dental crown. The small, biocompatible titanium root is surgically implanted into the jawbone, which then fuses to the bone as it heals (usually within 4–6 months). Then, the implant is topped with a connective abutment that will secure the lifelike dental crown, creating a lifelike replacement tooth that includes a root as well as a top portion.

Dr. Everett and Dr. Morgan hate bad surprises as much as the next person. To ensure proper placement of the implant, Dr. Everett and Dr. Morgan use the latest technology in digital imaging and scanning to virtually plan/perform your surgery before setting up the first surgical appointment! By using the imaging provided by the CBCT, Dr. Everett and Dr. Morgan can visualize the bone dimensions and make sure an implant can be placed in the ideal position. If they can’t place the implant in an ideal position, they will do foundation work via Guided Bone Regeneration.

Provisional Implant Restoration

Because healing can take several months after surgery, the permanent crown cannot typically be placed immediately afterwards. To maintain the space in your smile and prevent nearby teeth from crowding the area, Dr. Everett and Dr. Morgan can craft and place a provisional (temporary) restoration immediately following your implant placement surgery.
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