Staying Ahead of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the mouth, tongue, cheek, lips, esophagus, and any other oral tissues, is one of the most commonly occurring groups of cancer. Each year, an average of 50,000 people are newly diagnosed with some form of oral cancer, and over 9,700 people pass away from it. While the success rate of treatment varies among specific types of cancer and the patient’s unique conditions, oral cancer is most successfully treated when it’s detected and addressed as early as possible. Therefore, during every routine examination, we’ll perform a comprehensive oral cancer screening to help ensure that, if necessary, you have a better than usual chance at successfully treating it.

What Is OralID?

During your professional screening, your dentist will visually check for tissue abnormalities that can often indicate oral cancer, as well as utilize the advanced, hand-held OralID appliance for more precise results. OralID’s device utilizes specially-calibrated light to more accurately pinpoint potentially troublesome tissue abnormalities that are more difficult to detect visually. Such abnormalities can often include:

  • White or red patches
  • Sore areas that don’t get better
  • Lumps, growths, and rough areas of tissue
  • Pain and soreness in any area of the mouth or face
  • Difficulty biting and chewing due to pain in the jaw
  • A chronically sore and painful throat
  • Persistently bad breath and/or loose teeth

What Are the Risk Factors?

Like all cancers, oral cancers don’t have a definitive cause. They can affect virtually anyone at any point in their life. However, there are certain risk factors that can increase your likelihood of developing it, such as any kind of tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, too much exposure to the sun, or chronic illnesses that affect the strength of your immune system. By avoiding such risks, maintaining a consistent schedule of exams and screenings, and making the most of our innovative Oral ID early detection technology, you have a better chance at avoiding or successfully treating oral cancer.

Schedule an Oral Cancer Screening Today

To schedule an initial appointment, email info@highplainsperio.com, or call our office in Lubbock, TX at 806-686-1262. We offer a free consultation (typically valued at $400) that includes any radiographs Dr. Everett may need for proper diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desires.

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