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When it comes to replacing teeth, people need to find a durable and long-lasting solution. One such solution is dental implants. Dental implants remain attached to the jawbone and do not fall out of the mouth. They are also natural-appearing and can blend in with the other teeth. With our dental implant treatment, you will be able to enjoy the functionality and appearance of a natural tooth.

At High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, our team takes the time to walk our patients through each step of this process. The most important aspect of dental implants is that we take the time for attention to detail. We can ensure your dental implant is a perfect fit.

If you need to replace a tooth, choose a dental implant that repairs the functionality of the tooth and completes the appearance of a smile.

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What You Need to Know about Dental Implants

When deciding if dental implants are the right choice for a patient’s teeth it is important to look into all the factors. One factor is that it can take longer than some people realize since there is such an attention to detail. Benefits of dental implants include:

  • A uniform smile and natural appearance
  • Artificial teeth that do not fall out when speaking or laughing
  • A permanent implant that stimulates the jawbone
  • A tooth that only needs the same care as other teeth
  • You do not need to remove it each night like dentures
  • The implant will be a perfect fit
  • You will be able to continue eating favorite foods

Dental implants are an incredible option to replace missing or damaged teeth. While other options will take less time, they will not be as effective or beneficial as dental implants. In some cases, patients may not qualify for a dental implant due to several reasons. When that happens, we may be able to strengthen that area of the jaw with other procedures.

Here are the steps in the dental implant process that can help you get the dental implants you need.


During the consultation, we will examine the patient’s teeth and determine if he or she is a candidate for dental implants. We will need to review the patient’s medical history, current condition and the state of the bone density in their jaw bone. If their jaw does not have enough bone density to support the implant, then we can consider other procedures.

This is also an excellent opportunity for the patient to ask any questions and address any concerns. We will outline the dental implant process and timeline for the patient. We also need to know if the patient has any medical conditions or taking a medication that we need to know about.

Pre-Surgical Appointment

During this appointment, we will take measurements of the patient’s teeth and jaw to prepare the dental implant. By doing this, we can ensure the dental implant is a perfect fit. Along with that, we will also answer any other questions the patient has and go over the dental implant timeline.

Potential Extractions and Grafting

If the patient does not have enough bone density or needs to extract a tooth before getting a dental implant, then we can help. If an extraction is necessary, we will need to remove the tooth before replacing it. The patient will be numb during the extraction and will not feel too much pain. While there might be some soreness after, it will fade fairly quickly. In some cases, the patient will be able to receive the dental implant the same day as the extraction.

If the patient’s jaw bone is not strong enough, then the patient may need a bone graft. A bone graft involves using a synthetic bone material or bone from another area of the body and applying it to the jawbone. This procedure will strengthen the jawbone so we can place a dental implant.

The Procedure

The patient will not feel any pain during the dental implant procedure and will be under sedation. This is due to the fact that we will drill into the jawbone and place the implant in the hole. This will help to verify the implant has a strong base. While the dental implant will help to plug up the hole in the jawbone, we will still need to verify the implant is successful by taking photos of the mouth after.

Follow-Up Care

After the procedure, we will go over any necessary follow-up care the patient may need. This can vary from simply taking some pain medication, such as ibuprofen, that numbs the pain to scheduling a follow-up visit, if necessary. While some patients may be able to receive an artificial tooth over the implant right away, other people will need to wait several months for the implant to merge with the bone.

Once the bone and implant merge, we will place a crown over the implant to complete the process. Since each patient is unique, the amount of time for healing will vary per patient. Call us to learn more about the procedure during a consultation.


All-On-4® Treatment Concept Implants By Nobel Biocare

Despite our best efforts, teeth sometimes do not last a lifetime. We may lose them to cavities, or they may be broken down after multiple efforts to keep them as long as possible. Does it seem like the same tooth is getting worked on more and more? Sometimes periodontal or gum disease has caused many of our teeth to become loose as we lose the bone that supports them. If this may be happening to you, why throw in the towel and be content with dentures or flippers? Ask yourself, “Do I want to remove my teeth, my smile, my dignity every night and put them in a glass of water by my nightstand?”

If you’ve lost all of your teeth or are currently losing the battle to broken down teeth and bone loss, then All-On-4® Treatment Concept implant bridges can offer a conservative option for giving back your smile. With Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4® Treatment Concept, your smile can be comfortably supported using only four to six strategically-placed implants. The unique angle and placement of the new roots allows them to successfully support your smile while minimizing the need for additional surgeries.

Imagine waking up with your smile and going to bed with your smile, not putting it in a glass with a cleaning solution. If you have dentures now, imagine not having to use “gloop” to try to get them to stay in. Imagine eating the foods that dentures robbed from your life because you can chew as well as you used to. We know proper nutrition is important, especially as we get older, but tooth loss often deprives people of proper nutritional as they can only eat softer foods.

Advantages of Nobel Biocare’s All-On-4® Treatment Concept Implant Bridges

Because we understand this is a life changing decision, we use only premium quality implants and parts from Nobel Biocare when excecuting the All-on-4® Treatment Concept. With over a decade of research and development and with long term clinical studies, Nobel Biocare stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty on implants (the roots) and a 5 year warranty for the final Nobel Biocare Procera bridge. By using only Nobel Biocare’s components throughout, we deliver a service we are confident to put our name behind.

Other advantages of Nobel Biocare’s All-On-4® Treatment Concept implant bridges include:

  • All-on-4® Treatment Concept helps more edentulous patients enjoy the long-term comfort, stability, and confidence of implant-supported bridges. Patients with less density in their upper and lower jawbones can benefit from implant-supported bridges without the need for extensive bone grafting or sinus lifts.
  • Dental implants boast an over 90% success rate, and by allowing more people to receive them, All-on-4® Treatment Concept boasts a 95% satisfaction rate. Imagine after your surgery walking out with a new smile. Many patients qualify for immediate loading, meaning they can receive a fixed bridge on the same day that the implants are placed. A final bridge can be placed afterwards in 4–6 months after the “roots” have healed; this decreases overall treatment time significantly.
  • A completely restored full arch significantly improves your overall quality of life, allowing you to bite and chew comfortably, speak clearly, and smile confidently. All-on-4®; Treatment Concept makes that improvement possible for patients who might otherwise not qualify for implant placement.
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