If you’ve lost one or more teeth, have remaining teeth that suffer from malocclusion (misalignment), and exhibit problems with your periodontal health, then you may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Dr. Everett will consult with your general dentist and other oral health specialists to devise a custom rehabilitation plan that will address your various oral health issues with minimal, conservative treatments.

Designing Your Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Reestablishing Periodontal Health

To support and protect your teeth, restoring your periodontal health is one of the most important building blocks of full mouth rehabilitation. If you exhibit signs of periodontal disease, or if you’ve already suffered tissue, bone, and/or tooth loss from the condition, then Dr. Everett may recommend periodontal treatment as the first step.

Realigning Crooked Teeth

If one, several, or all of your teeth are crooked (a condition known as malocclusion), then orthodontic treatment will likely be a part of your full mouth rehabilitation plan. If an impacted canine, or severely crooked tooth interferes with orthodontic treatment, Dr. Everett may extract the tooth before your braces are bonded in place.

Replacing Lost Teeth

Whether you lost a tooth to periodontal disease or dental trauma, or you’ve had a tooth extracted because it could not be restored, tooth replacement is necessary to restore your bite function. The right procedure can also help prevent future tooth loss, such as dental implants that replace the root and provide the stimulation needed to keep the alveolar bone strong and healthy.

Current Dentures?

If the mobility of your lower denture is problematic for you or a loved one, Dr. Everett may recommend several implants to help anchor the lower denture to the lower jaw. Ideally, four implants are placed for stability on the lower jaw, but many times, two implants can provide adequate retention. Since the bone of the upper jaw tends to be less dense, more than two implants are often needed for proper retention.

Every case is unique and only after a comprehensive exam with radiographs can Dr. Everett custom-tailor a treatment plan to your needs and desires.

Tired of having to remove your dentures daily?

Come into High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry for a consultation regarding hybrid dentures. Hybrid dentures are typically retained using four to six implants per dental arch. With proper oral hygiene at home, maintenance visits are only required every six months to a year, and include removing and cleaning the denture, and checking the implants and surrounding tissue to maintain their health and function.

Comprehensive, Custom-Designed Full Mouth Rehabilitation

From tooth misalignment to tooth loss and more, full mouth rehabilitation can help your smile bounce back from multiple oral health concerns. To schedule an appointment, email info@highplainsperio.com, or call our office in Lubbock, TX at 806-686-1262. We offer a free consultation (typically valued at $400) that includes any radiographs Dr. Everett may need for proper diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs and desires.

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