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Preserving The Bone After Tooth Loss

Except in cases of childhood primary teeth, overcrowded teeth, or wisdom teeth, a lost adult tooth typically needs to be replaced. Replacing a lost tooth can restore your abilities to speak, chew, and bite, your appearance, and it is also important to prevent bone loss in your jaw. Your tooth provides important stimulation to the… Read more »

Preservation Of Your Dental Ridges Following Tooth Loss

Tooth loss, especially if you are talking about a single tooth, doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, your tooth is about more than just being able to chew, or smile without a space. The root of your tooth serves an important purpose for your surrounding teeth and your underlying jawbone. When the tooth root… Read more »

Is Dementia Linked To Your Oral Health?

Seniors have their own unique set of concerns when it comes to their dental health. There is age, tooth wear, health conditions, medications, and more to think about. Research has indicated that certain chronic systemic health conditions including diabetes and heart problems can cause or exacerbate gum disease and/or vice versa. Is dementia linked to… Read more »

Recognizing How Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

If gum disease is not addressed in time, your periodontal condition can be difficult to address without help from your periodontist. More serious cases can involve a recession of your gum line, or the formation of periodontal pockets that allow bacteria to gather. Gum disease can also lead to the destruction of tissue surrounding the… Read more »

All-On-4 Implant Bridges Offer Impressive Prosthetic Support

Significant tooth loss can be a serious hindrance, and it can have a devastating effect on your confidence. Conventional dentures can offer cosmetic support, but they may lack the necessary stability you need for biting and chewing. They can also require uncomfortable epoxies to stay in place. You can enjoy real support with the help… Read more »

How Does Gum Disease Increase Your Risk For Tooth Loss?

So how does a problem with your gum tissue cause something like tooth loss? It helps to understand the effects of gum disease, particularly when the condition has had time to grow in severity. One problem that will occur over time is the damaging of the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth. When… Read more »

Quiz: Oral Health Complications From Tooth Loss

No one wants to be forced to accommodate a gap in their teeth when they try to chew, bite, or speak. Tooth loss can put you in an uncomfortable position, as it can affect your appearance, and how you operate your jaw. Over time, your jawbone can even develop issues after teeth are lost. Your… Read more »