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What Should I Know About My Baby’s Teeth?

Whether you’ve just had a baby, have a baby on the way, or are thinking about having one, there are quite a few bits of info you need to know to take care of your baby’s oral health. Making sure that they have a happy and healthy smile now will help ensure that they have… Read more »

How Preventing Gum Disease Benefits Your Whole Body

Preventing all dental health issues is important, especially since the damages they cause are often permanent. When it comes to gum disease, however, prevention is particularly important, and not just for your oral health. In addition to being the most frequent cause of adult tooth loss, gum disease and the inflammation associated with it can… Read more »

What Periodontal Treatment Entails

You may think that skipping your oral health regimen once or twice a week, skipping your biannual dental exams and cleanings for a year or two, or not bothering to floss…ever…won’t do much harm to your dental health, but that’s not true. You may not realize that we have to brush and floss twice daily… Read more »

Poor Brushing Habits Can Raise Your Gum Disease Risk

Your periodontist can help with a periodontal infection. They can treat bacteria below your gum line, and – if necessary – help repair damage to the bone and soft tissue that support your teeth. So you have somewhere to turn when you develop problems with your gums, but how do your gums become infected in the… Read more »

The Impact Of Digital Imaging On Periodontal Work

A thorough scan of your mouth, teeth, and gums can yield invaluable information regarding your oral health. It can also help your periodontist prepare for an important treatment. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning provides 3D digital images of your oral region, and can do so while emitting significantly less radiation than traditional CAT scanners…. Read more »

3 Common Oral Health Mistakes

You may think you’re doing it all “right” because you’re brushing your teeth twice per day, but there is a chance you may be doing it all wrong. Since this is quite common, it’s important that you know how to properly brush and floss your teeth to ensure a healthy mouth! Think you could be… Read more »

How To Save Your Teeth From Gingivitis

So you’ve noticed some blood drawing from your gum line when you brush your teeth – what does this mean? It could be a sign of gingivitis, which is the beginning stages of gum disease. Periodontitis (gum disease) can be a dangerous infection to come in contact with if you suspect you have gingivitis, it’s… Read more »