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Uncover Your Impacted Canine And Your Smile

If you are suffering from crooked, misaligned teeth, you may also be struggling with confidence in your smile. Crooked teeth can wreck your self-confidence, making you think twice before smiling in a photo or at a joke you just heard. Your misaligned smile can also cause you to have an unhealthy bite, leaving your teeth… Read more »

Improving Your Orthodontic Treatment With Periodontal Work

Why would a person seek work from their periodontist when they are trying to undergo an orthodontic adjustment? It is important to understand that some patients will have more complicated needs than others when it comes to straightening their teeth. You may have a complication that makes a straightforward correction difficult. Your periodontist can help… Read more »

Counting On The Support Of A Temporary Anchorage Device

The steps necessary to complete an orthodontic adjustment can vary based on a person’s particular needs. If you require a more significant or complicated adjustment, you may benefit from extra support. Your periodontist can supply you with a temporary anchorage device (TAD), which will help control how your teeth are adjusted while you wear a… Read more »

Addressing Impacted Or Congenitally Missing Teeth

The process of bringing teeth into alignment can be relatively difficult for some people. A straightforward adjustment can be complicated by teeth that are impacted, which means they did not erupt properly and need to be recovered. Because the problem could reside below the gum line, your periodontist may need to do take care of… Read more »

Quiz: How Your Periodontist Helps With Orthodontic Work

Your periodontist can help with issues that involve working below your gum line, along with treating you for periodontal health matters. Some patients will need extra help to prepare for an orthodontic adjustment. You might need to address a poorly erupted tooth, or the absence of one altogether. It could be a matter of addressing gum… Read more »

Periodontal Work Before Orthodontic Treatment

Questions about orthodontic treatment – how long it will take, what will be involved, etc – are hard to answer before your teeth have been reviewed. Some patients are lucky enough to only need a relatively straightforward straightening. Other people may find themselves needing special care. Your periodontist can offer orthodontic assistance by performing work… Read more »

Orthodontic Assistance From Your Periodontist

How does your periodontist fit into your orthodontic treatment plan? If you have issues that will interfere with a straightforward adjustment, there are several ways your periodontist can help with orthodontic work. A tooth that erupted improperly may not be so easy to maneuver into place without extra assistance. You could need help making sure… Read more »