Category: Oral Surgery

Uncover An Impacted Tooth

Crooked, misaligned teeth may make you feel less confident. Your smile should boost your confidence and leave you feeling ready for the world. Your misaligned smile can also lead to tooth decay and health issues. Correcting a misaligned bite may be made more difficult by impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are ones that never fully erupted… Read more »

Gum Grafting

Has your dentist told you that you have receding gums? Are those teeth that he or she pointed out particularly sensitive? Receding gums affect just under 15 percent of adults and can be due to a number of issues. The process of gum grafting, also called periodontal plastic surgery, can help eliminate symptoms associated with… Read more »

X-Guide™ Dynamic Navigation: Technology To Make Your Life Easier

Dentistry has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Research has given us new and advanced dental materials, techniques, and technology. Today we would like to announce the newest addition to our office: the X-Guide™ Dynamic Navigation system which works with our already established CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) that we use regularly. The… Read more »

Why Receding Gums Are A Problem

Are you experiencing gum recession? It is more likely to become an issue as you age, but there are several reasons you may experience it even in your 40s. For instance, smoking and using tobacco products plays havoc on your teeth and gums, over brushing/brushing too aggressively, age, crooked teeth, and periodontal disease all can… Read more »

Preservation Of Your Dental Ridges Following Tooth Loss

Tooth loss, especially if you are talking about a single tooth, doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, your tooth is about more than just being able to chew, or smile without a space. The root of your tooth serves an important purpose for your surrounding teeth and your underlying jawbone. When the tooth root… Read more »

Precision And Care For Your Complicated Tooth Extraction

Many patients who need to have a tooth extracted will find that their dentist can perform this procedure without issue. However, you may have different circumstances, and need the services of your periodontist. If your tooth is damaged below the gum line, or if you have a particularly long, or curved, tooth root, your periodontist… Read more »

Periodontal Pockets Can Hurt More Than Just Hurt Your Smile

When accumulated bacteria at your gum line create problems with your periodontal health, you can start to exhibit signs of gum disease. During this early period, your periodontist can provide a non-surgical periodontal cleaning that eliminates bacteria at – and below – the gum line. However, if you are not provided with treatment in a… Read more »