Your mental health is integral to enjoying your daily life. There are many struggles that come with issues, such as depression. Medication can make it easier to manage your feelings.

You should be aware that these medications can affect your oral health. You should continue to take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor. At the same time, you should be aware of its side effects and how you can protect your healthy smile.

A recent study at the University of Buffalo confirmed that antidepressants can contribute to implant failure. We don’t want that to happen to you.

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What You Should Know

Modern dental implants have made teeth replacements better than they have ever been. These implants act as root replacements to secure and stabilize crowns, bridges, and dentures for patients how are missing teeth.

Through a process known as osseointegration, your implants bond with your jawbone much as the roots of natural teeth do.

If you are dealing with depression along with your tooth loss, you could have some complications with your implants.

Some medications make it more difficult for your bones to integrates with your implants. Some medicines also cause teeth grinding and dry mouth. Both of these can affect your mouth in ways that make it harder to maintain implants.

In short, some antidepressants can diminish the effectiveness of implants and increase the risk of implant failure.

That doesn’t have to be the cause, however. Our dental professionals want you to get the benefits of your medication as well as your dental implants. By working together, we can find strategies that will keep your smile intact for years to come.

What You Should Do

Start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Everett. Be sure to discuss any medications you may be taking. 

We want to know, so we can assess how it may affect your oral health. This way we can help you prepare to receive your implants, and we want you to be ready to keep them working for you for many years to come. 

Taking to a dental professional with expertise and extensive implant experience can make a big difference in your long-term success.

New teeth are not a replacement for medication. Yet, they can provide a boost to your mental health. Your daily life is easier when you have a full set of reliable teeth that look great and work as well as the real thing.

Keep Smiling

Your oral health and your mental health are undeniably important. They also affect one another in multiple ways. Let us work with you, so you can enjoy great smiles for a long, long time.

Remember to talk to us about your medications when you come to see us about your dental implants.

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