Treatments from a Periodontist to Improve Your Gum Health

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Periodontists are the unsung heroes of the dentistry world. Although dentists play a very important role in keeping teeth healthy, a periodontist focuses on keeping gum tissues healthy. The gums can tell a lot about not only your oral health but your overall health as well. If you have never seen a periodontist before, you might be wondering what exactly to expect. There does not necessarily need to be a problem with the gums in order to see a periodontist. Although many are referred to a periodontist to clear gum disease, periodontists can do so much more to improve gum health.

Non-surgical periodontal treatments

Scaling and planing is arguably the most common gum procedure that does not involve any invasive surgery. This treatment involves the periodontist using tools to remove all plaque below the gumline. Deep pockets can sometimes form when gum disease takes hold, and scaling is used to clear these pockets and stop the growth of bacteria. The periodontist will then start planing, which is to smooth out the teeth roots to aid in reattaching the now sterilized and healthy gums. Scaling and planing can help to rid the gums of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and advanced periodontitis. Surgical measures are sometimes needed when gum disease has developed too far for scaling and planing to have an effect.

Surgical periodontal treatments

Dental implants

Implants are used when the patient has a single or several missing teeth. These permanent appliances can last a lifetime when placed by the right periodontist. The first step of having a dental implant put in is the surgical insertion of the titanium post. This post will act as the new root of the tooth. Once the root is placed into the jawbone, it is allowed to heal in a period of months. When the bone and post have successfully fused, a crown is added and bite functionality is restored.

Tissue grafting

Receding gums can cause a myriad of problems. Tooth sensitivity, increased susceptibility to tooth decay and decreased root protection, to name a few. Gums, also known as the gingival tissue, can recede for a number of reasons, like advancing age or untreated gum disease. There is hope when your gums have begun to recede, though. Periodontists specialize in soft tissue grafting, the process of taking healthy tissue from the palate and using it to cover areas where the gum has receded. After grafting, the tooth root is no longer exposed and sensitivity is relieved.

Gum reshaping

Also known as gum contouring, this cosmetic procedure involves removal of excess gum tissue to reveal a more pleasant smile. A major complaint with patients who have overbearing gums is a gummy smile. Although not harmful, too much gum tissue can be displeasing to the eye. Contouring can also lessen recurrent gum disease, as the gums are less prone to infection when they are wrapped more tightly around the teeth.

The bottom line

Your overall oral health is not just dependent on maintaining healthy teeth. The gums are an integral part of maintaining healthy mouth function, and a periodontist can help you achieve optimal gum health to keep your natural teeth working and feeling great.

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