You want to keep your teeth, and a vast majority of the time, we want you to keep your teeth, too. Yet, we also know that tooth extractions can play an important role in keeping your smile as healthy as possible.

Here are three reasons that you should schedule a tooth removal at High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

1. Prepare for Orthodontics

Crowding complicates smile correction. Taking out a tooth or a few teeth can make your braces much more effective and efficient.

2. Remove an Unrepairable Tooth

Ideally, we could repair your tooth with a filling, crown, or root canal. When that isn’t possible, removing and replacing your tooth is a better option.

3. Eliminate an Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is not able to erupt correctly. This increases your risk of pain and other oral problems. Removing the tooth can spare you from years of trouble.

Thinking about tooth extractions? Call 806-507-6906 to see how you can become a candidate for these artificial tooth roots! You can also schedule online to visit High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.