What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

everettimplantsDental implants are a stable and permanent restorative solution for your lost teeth. Replacing your lost teeth is critical to the overall health of your mouth. Without replacing your teeth, you could have issues chewing, talking, and even keeping your other teeth healthy! Dental implants can actually protect your other teeth from further damage. However, they are not for everyone. In order to qualify for dental implants, you need to have enough bone for the implant to fuse to. In other words, if you lost teeth from decay or infection, you’ll want to ensure that your bone is still healthy and wasn’t affected. What are the benefits of dental implants? (more…)

Do You Have Chronic Bad Breath?

everettbadbreathIf you feel like you can barely open your mouth without someone smelling your breath – it may be time to see your dentist. Not just morning breath either, if you feel that your breath is bad throughout the day, you may be suffering from gum disease. Periodontitis (gum disease) causes your gums to have pockets which bacteria then fixes itself inside – this bacteria is typically odor-causing, therefore you’re harboring a bunch of odor-causing bacteria inside your mouth. No wonder you have bad breath! Do you have chronic bad breath? (more…)

How Can Crown Lengthening Help You?

everettcrownlengtheningCrown lengthening is a procedure that is done to expose more of the natural tooth. There are many reasons why you might undergo a crown lengthening procedure; restoration, cosmetic reasons, or to prepare for dental crowns. Usually, crown lengthening is done in your dentist’s office with local anesthetic because it is a fairly simple procedure. However, in some cases, your dentist may need to remove small amounts of your bone in order to properly expose your teeth. The recovery for this procedure is also simple, but the gums can take a full 2-3 months to completely heal. How can crown lengthening help you? (more…)

What’s Happening Around Town?

everettcommunityHere in Lubbock, Texas there really is no shortage of fun activities to do or attend. At High Plains Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we love to share what’s going on around town with our community! So, if you’re looking for a place to take the family this upcoming weekend, or just something to do that gets you out of your house – look no further.  We’ve got some great events for you to attend! (more…)

Quiz: Can Preventive Dentistry Help You?

everettpreventivedentistryPreventive dentistry is typically used as a preventative for health issues that can occur in the mouth. However, it can help with certain degrees of inflamed gums if you’re experiencing swollen, red, and bleeding gums. Preventive dentistry can help reduce costs further on down the road. What is preventive dentistry? Caring for your teeth in order to keep them healthy is preventive dentistry – it can help you to avoid infections and tooth loss. Can preventive dentistry help you? (more…)

What Is Periodontal Therapy?

everettperiodontaltherapyOftentimes, gum disease can be reversed through periodontal therapy. In beginning this type of therapy, all the bacteria in and around your gums will be removed encouraging your gums to heal. There are several different types of periodontal therapy; deep cleanings, antibiotics, appliances, and many others. If further treatment is needed, there is also surgical periodontal therapy – however, the goal is to stop the gum disease prior to that. If you are experiencing inflammation or bleeding, it’s critical to see your dentist as soon as possible to begin therapy to prevent further infection or disease. What is periodontal therapy? (more…)