Early Treatment With Periodontal Therapy

Early Treatment With Periodontal Therapy Caught early enough, gum disease can sometimes be reversed through periodontal therapy. Early treatment can stop the gum disease from continuing to progress into the serious stages of the disease. Periodontal therapy revolves around removing the bacteria in, underneath, and around your gums, which can encourage your gum tissue to start healing. There are several different forms of periodontal therapy: deep cleanings also known as scaling and root planing, antibiotics, oral appliances, and even regular professional cleanings. If needed, surgical periodontal therapy can be an option to stop the gum disease from progressing. Periodontal therapy is designed to keep your gums healthy and stop gum disease in its tracks.  (more…)

Ridge Preservation To Prepare For An Implant

Ridge Preservation To Prepare For An ImplantExcept in cases of childhood, overcrowd teeth, or a wisdom tooth extraction, a lost adult tooth usually needs to be replaced. Replacing a tooth is important to your appearance, restoring your abilities to speak, chew, and bite, and it is also important to prevent bone loss in your jaw. Your tooth provides important stimulation to your jaw bone. Without that stimulation, your body deems the jaw bone unnecessary and will stop sending necessary minerals to the area. Your body will also demineralize the bone, which can lead to loss of bone density. This bone loss leaves the ridge holding your teeth and future implants with instability. Ridge preservation protects the bone.  (more…)

What Can PAOO™ Do For Your Smile?

What Can PAOO™ Do For Your Smile?A crooked, uneven smile can make you feel less confident in your appearance. More importantly, an uneven smile can negatively impact your oral health. Many people, especially adults, worry about the time they will need to spend in traditional braces to straight their smile. Traditional metal braces can be worn for about two years for effective treatment of misalignment. PAOO™ can drastically shorten that treatment time, so that your smile is improved in a much shorter amount of time. PAOO™ stands for Peridontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. Not only can it decrease the treatment time, but it can protect your oral health, too.  (more…)

Periodontal Disease Tolls On Your Appearance

Periodontal Disease Tolls On Your AppearancePeriodontal disease can have detrimental effects not only on your oral health, but on your overall health, as well. Gum disease can also have some very negative effects on the appearance of your smile. Dealing with gum disease not only decreases your risk of the negative health impacts, but it can also improve the look of your smile. Some detrimental effects on the appearance may require specialized or extensive treatment, but the outcome will give you a smile that you can feel confident showing off. Having a healthy smile can make you feel better. You and your periodontist can work together to get you the smile you are looking for.  (more…)

Defending Against Gum Disease

Defending Against Gum Disease The best defense against gum disease is to practice good oral hygiene. That means brushing and flossing at least twice a day. It also means visiting your dentist for checkups and professional cleanings at least twice a year. A professional cleaning allows for your dentist or hygienist to target plaque and tartar that may be built up along your gum line. Once the plaque and tartar builds up and hardens, it can be difficult to remove on your own. Visiting a dentist twice a year also allows for early detection of gum disease. The earlier that gum disease is treated, the more likely it is to stop it from causing serious damage.  (more…)

Menopause And Gum Health

Menopause And Gum HealthChanges in hormone levels can affect your mouth, including the health of your teeth and gums. Menopause marks the end of fertility for women, and it causes some of the most drastic fluctuation in hormone levels. These hormone levels can affect the jawbone; changes that can ultimately increase the risk of gum disease. Along with effecting the health of the gums, menopause can cause several changes in a woman’s mouth, including dry mouth and burning sensations. The changes in the bone and gums can be the most significant changes.  (more…)

Reasons To Choose Soft-Tissue Gum Grafting

Reasons To Choose Soft-Tissue Gum GraftingSoft-tissue gum grafting is a procedure used to treat the recession of gum tissue. The treatment involves surgically grafting similar tissues onto recessed gum tissue in an effort to rebuild the area. The similar tissue may come from another area of your own mouth, such as your palate or from a healthy area of your gums. The material may come from donor tissue. Depending on the reason for gum recession, it is unlikely that gum tissue will heal itself without treatment. Once the healthy material has been grafted to the gums, the gums will likely begin to heal. Gum grafting can be done for health or cosmetic reasons.  (more…)