For someone with dental anxiety, going to the dentist for any reason can be challenging. It can be difficult to make an appointment whether you need a cleaning or emergency care.

Our dental professionals in Lubbock, TX have assisted many anxious patients receive the care they need. A key component of that is dental sedation.

This can give you or someone you love the peace of mind to get the treatment necessary to restore your healthy smile.

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Find Relief From Your Worries

Sedation dentistry has been around for well over 150 years. It has provided a way for countless patients to fix dental problems.

In modern dentistry, we have a better understanding of how to apply sedation for the benefit of our patients. Sedation provides some important benefits for you:

  • Pain Prevention – Many people fear dental care because they believe the treatment they need may be painful. Sedation has an analgesic effect and can allow you to receive pain-free procedures.
  • Relaxation – Sedation also has a calming effect. This can ease your anxieties during an appointment, which makes it easier to deliver the treatment you need.
  • Better Health – By taking advantage of our sedation options, you will receive the treatment needed to improve and maintain your oral health for many years to come.

Many patients come to us seeking the highest levels of sedation. If you prefer to continue that way, then you are more than welcome to do so during future visits. However, we have seen patients get to know us better with each dental visit. With that, they come to understand our focus on your comfort.

Understand Your Options

At our practice, you have the opportunity to choose from multiple kinds of sedation:

  • IV Sedation – This is the strongest sedation option that we provide. It’s typically used for patients in need of complex procedures, such as oral surgery.
  • Oral Sedation – This is a prescription medicine taken before your appointment. Be aware that its effects could last for a few hours. You should arrange for a ride from a trusted friend or family member before and after your appointment.
  • Laughing Gas – This is a great option for patients who have mild anxiety. It works quickly, and it wears off in minutes after your treatment as well. 

We are happy to answer your questions about each kind of sedation. We want you to pick the one that works best for you and your needs.

Get Your Smile in Shape

It is time to return to the dentist. Come to see us for quality care in a comfortable setting. Our award-winning practice has served Lubbock, TX and the surrounding communities for many years.

Our dental sedation is just one of the reasons our patients keep coming back to see us. Discover what we can do for you.

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