Times When Gum-Grafting May Help

Times When Gum-Grafting May HelpThere are plenty of smile problems that can leave your gum tissue in bad shape. Unlike other areas of your body, gums that have receded will not grow back on their own. Soft-tissue gum grafting is a surgical procedure where tissues are grafted (attached to) the recessed gum tissue. The tissues that are used for grafting may come from another area of your mouth, such as your palate (the roof of your mouth) or from a healthy area of your gums or from donor tissue. Gum grafting can help encourage your natural tissues to regrow in that area. There are a few times when soft-tissue gum grafting can be quite helpful for your smile: prior to orthodontic treatment, restore recession from gum disease, or for cosmetic concerns. 

Prior to Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked, misaligned teeth can sometimes lead to gum recession. Prior to receiving orthodontic treatment to straighten out misaligned teeth, a patient may choose to correct the gum recession. Soft-tissue gum grafting can get the gums to a healthy state before the orthodontic treatment begins.

Restoring Gums

Advanced periodontal disease can do quite a number on your gum tissue. Gum disease can make your gums begin pulling away from the teeth, which can eventually create deep pockets for more bacteria to hide, and the recession can expose your teeth’s roots, nerves, and bones normally protected by gum tissue. This exposure can lead to a lot of pain and sensitivity. Gum grafting can be done to restore the protection gums provide, which can essentially reduce that pain, protect your teeth, and help prevent bacteria from causing more problems. Gum grafting can play an important role in slowing down the negative effects of gum disease by healing your gum tissue.

Cosmetic Reasons

Even completely healthy gums can look uneven and asymmetrical. If the way your gums look make you feel insecure about your smile’s appearance, there are options to change it.

Has your smile been affected by any of these?

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