Treatments To Aid Orthodontics

Treatments To Aid OrthodonticsAdjusting the alignment of your smile can be important for your oral health. There are various methods and orthodontic treatments to help straighten misalignment. Unfortunately, there are some smile issues that may come in between you and straightening your smile. Improper eruption of at least one of your teeth can interfere with orthodontic treatment. There also may be needs for orthodontic assistance, which consists of different treatments that prepare your smile for a more efficient orthodontic experience. Your periodontist can help work with your orthodontist to make sure that you get the most beneficial plan for your smile. 

Helping to Prepare Your Smile

An impacted canine can be problematic for orthodontic treatment because it can be difficult to realign teeth that have not sufficiently erupted. To help prepare your smile, your periodontist can surgically expose your canine with an impacted canine uncovery. A crooked smile is also more susceptible to gum disease and gum recession. If the gums have significantly receded, a gum grafting procedure can help to resolve the issue prior to getting braces. It can also help to provide added support against further gum recession that may occur during the orthodontic treatment.

Aiming For Efficient Treatment

Traditional bracket-and-wire braces can sometimes pull teeth into inappropriate positions during correction, which may make it necessary for you to have a temporary anchorage device (TAD). A TAD is a temporary dental implant that provides support for your braces to encourage proper tooth movement. PAOO™ is an acronymn for Peridontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics. PAOO™ may be able to help speed up orthdontic treatment. PAOO™ is a treatment that alters the bone surrounding the roots to cause the bone supporting the teeth to allow the teeth to shift more quickly and easily. PAOO™ treatment usually takes about one-third of the time used for traditional orthodontics to straighten your teeth.

Can we help you with your upcoming orthodontic treatment?

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