What Is Ridge Preservation?

What Is Ridge Preservation?There are certain situations (childhood, overcrowd teeth, or a wisdom tooth extraction) where a lost tooth needs to be replaced for the health of your smile. In any other situation, a missing tooth can have negative effects on your smile. Replacing a lost tooth can restore your smile’s appearance, along with your abilities to speak, chew, and bite. Replacing a tooth can also help to defend against a loss of bone density in the jaw that losing a tooth can cause. Because your tooth provides important stimulation to your jaw bone, losing a tooth can make your body stop sending necessary minerals to the bone. It can also cause your body to take essential minerals away from the bone. This process is called bone resorption and it can leave your jaw ridge weak and unable to support implants or the rest of your natural teeth. Ridge preservation is a way to strengthen that bone

Bone Grafting for the Lower Ridge

Your mandible, which is the lower jawbone, is quite a dense bone. Bone grafting into this area is straightforward, as it is usually easy to access because it is not surrounded by soft tissues and mucus. Bone grafting material, which may be from other parts of your body or bio-compatible materials, are used to fortify the bone. The natural bone will then be stimulated to grow and fuse to the grafted materials. Bone grafting can provide stability to the bone by providing stimulation for the body to continue a flow of nutrients to the area.

Augmenting the Upper Ridge

The maxilla, the upper jawbone, is not as dense as the lower ridge. It lives beneath the empty cavities of your sinuses, which are lined with mucus. If you need fortification for the upper ridge of your smile support teeth or implants, bone grafting can also be used. However, to fortify the area with a bone graft, a surgical procedure known as sinus augmentation may be necessary. Sinus augmentation is necessary when the bottom floor of the sinus cavities need to be lifted in order to make way for the bone grafting into the maxilla.

Ridge preservation can fortify your smile

After an extraction, ridge preservation can provide stability to your smile. To schedule a consultation at High Plains Periodontics, email info@highplainsperio.com or call 806-686-1262. Dr. Everett’s office serves the residents of Lubbock, TX, and surrounding West Texas communities.