Why Do Wisdom Teeth Get Extracted?

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Get Extracted?Not everyone grows wisdom teeth, but for the majority of the population, they are the last teeth to erupt. For this reason, they are also known as third molars. Many people must have wisdom teeth extracted to relieve pain and to prevent future issues from occurring. Some patients opt to remove wisdom teeth preemptively before complications, pain, or discomfort even occurs. When and why is wisdom tooth extraction is necessary? How does extraction help you prevent issues from developing in the future?

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Before wisdom teeth emerge, two sets of molars will have already developed in a healthy mouth, which is why wisdom teeth are called third molars. The extra molars are believed to have been required to safely chew and grind rough meals of raw vegetation and plant roots without excessively wearing down teeth. To accommodate wisdom teeth, early humans had larger jaws. Today, humans’ diet is much softer and our jaws are much smaller, which eliminates the need and the space for extra teeth. Some scientists believe that wisdom teeth may be phased out of development in humans in the future.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

If wisdom teeth begin to start causing discomfort, then you should definitely speak with your dentist or periodontal expert about extraction. Wisdom tooth pain is often caused by improper growth, including crowding in the mouth due to the lack of room in the mouth and misalignment, poorly angled growth, partial eruption, or impaction, which is when the teeth do not erupt at all. Any of these conditions can mean that the wisdom tooth are not growing properly and could cause damage to your other natural teeth. The use of x-rays can determine the path of the wisdom teeth, which can illuminate the need to extract them before pain or discomfort begins. Extracting the wisdom teeth can prevent future problems, while eliminating pain and discomfort.

Do your wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

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