Reasons To Choose Soft-Tissue Gum Grafting

Reasons To Choose Soft-Tissue Gum GraftingSoft-tissue gum grafting is a procedure used to treat the recession of gum tissue. The treatment involves surgically grafting similar tissues onto recessed gum tissue in an effort to rebuild the area. The similar tissue may come from another area of your own mouth, such as your palate or from a healthy area of your gums. The material may come from donor tissue. Depending on the reason for gum recession, it is unlikely that gum tissue will heal itself without treatment. Once the healthy material has been grafted to the gums, the gums will likely begin to heal. Gum grafting can be done for health or cosmetic reasons. 

Restoration After Gum Disease

Periodontal disease can wreak havoc on your gum tissue. Gum disease can cause your gum tissue to recede or pull away from your teeth. This gum recession can expose the roots, nerves, and bones of your teeth that are normally protected by gum tissue. Gum grafting can restore the protective tissue, which can reduce your risk of pain or loss of teeth. Gum recession can lead to significant pain as well as endangering the health of your teeth. Gum grafting can be an important step in slowing down the negative effects of gum disease because it is an important step in healing your gum tissue.

Cosmetic Reasons

Gum recession may affect the appearance of your smile. The gums may begin to look uneven and asymmetrical. The gums may look inflamed while exposing parts of your teeth.  Not only can gum grafting improve the health of your gums, but it can restore the overall look of your mouth.

In Tandem With Orthodontic Treatment

Some orthodontic treatment can cause gum recession. In fact, crooked, misaligned teeth may lead to gum recession before orthodontic treatment is ever done. Some patients choose to repair their gums with soft-tissue gum grafting prior to receiving orthodontic treatment.

Can gum grafting help with your gum recession?

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