Uncover An Impacted Tooth

Uncover An Impacted Tooth Crooked, misaligned teeth may make you feel less confident. Your smile should boost your confidence and leave you feeling ready for the world. Your misaligned smile can also lead to tooth decay and health issues. Correcting a misaligned bite may be made more difficult by impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are ones that never fully erupted through the gum line. The tooth itself may not be properly positioned in the jaw or it can have an irregular shape or length. Your periodontist can safely address an impacted tooth prior to any orthodontic or restorative work on your smile. 

Impacted Within Your Gums

Impacted teeth can be identified through x-rays, if they are completely covered by gums. If they are partially impacted, they may be partially erupted which means they can be seen. Problems, like an impacted tooth, demand special care from your periodontist, who can safely access and treat the issue that lies beneath the gums. If the impacted canine is not fused to the jaw bone, the gum tissue will be removed surrounding the tooth. The bone that is covering the tooth may also be removed. A metal bracket may be placed on the tooth in order to slowly shift it into place. If the tooth is fused to the jaw bone, it may need to be completely removed.

What To Expect

Impacted teeth can cause quite a bit of pain. They may cause swollen tissues in the gum and even infection. To get the tooth out from under your gums, it will depend on their location and situation. There may be a certain level of anesthesia applied before your doctor creates small incisions to lift the gums to expose the impacted tooth. Once the tooth is exposed, the gums may be restored or they may stay in their new position. If the impacted teeth have caused an infection, you may be prescribed antibiotics prior to the procedure.

Do you have impacted teeth that need to be uncovered?

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