The Problem With Receding Gums

The Problem With Receding GumsGum recession can be scary and intimidating when you notice it. The gums will start to pull away exposing the roots of your teeth. It can be caused by gum disease, injury, intense tooth brushing, or even just genetics. Certain lifestyle choices like tobacco smoking or excessive alcohol consumption can cause your gums to recede, as well. Gum recession happens gradually and it is likely that it will happen for a long time before you even notice it. It can be painless until it reaches a point of discomfort. Hot and cold food may cause pain. Even a gust of air on the gums can be uncomfortable. If you look at your gums, they may no longer look pink and healthy. These types of changes should be discussed with your dentist or periodontist when you notice them. 

Treating Gum Recession

Gum recession can be treated with soft-tissue grafting, if it has reached a severe point. At some mild points of gum recession, a deep cleaning or scaling and planing may be enough to treat the receding gums. With soft-tissue grafting, soft tissue from your palate or healthy areas of the gums will be transferred to the area of recession. The healthy tissue will be grafted to the receding areas, and will provide protection to the underlying bones and tooth roots. Gum grafting can also restore the appearance of the gums back to the healthy look they once had. The health will extend past appearance causing your gums to actually be healthy as well. The pain and discomfort from exposed roots will subside.

What To Expect

Gum grafting is a surgical technique that may require local anesthesia and even sedation. The gums will first be deeply cleaned where all harmful bacteria, tartar, and plaque will be removed. Small incisions will be made to retrieve the tissue transfer and to suture onto the gums. A special material will be applied to the area to protect it during healing.

Do you have receding gums?

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