Month: June 2017

How Can I Fix My Bad Breath?

Do you feel self-conscious about your breath? Are you tired of people slowly backing away from you during conversations? Are you tired of being too afraid to make a move on that cute barista at the coffee shop because you know how bad your breath is? You’re not alone. In fact, about 1 in 4… Read more »

Save Your Teeth From Gum Disease

Gum disease is a nasty oral health issue. It can cause your gums to recede, infect your teeth’s root structure, and even eat away at your jaw bone. Symptoms of gum disease include inflamed gum tissue that bleeds easily when you floss or brush, a receding gum line, and increased sensitivity of your teeth. It’s… Read more »

3 Tips To Improve Your Flossing

Do you find yourself dreading your next visit to the dentist because you don’t floss? People tend to skip flossing because they think their toothbrush does the job well enough or they find flossing to be too complicated to perform. Neither of these is true. While your toothbrush does a fine job cleaning the outside… Read more »

What Should I Know About My Baby’s Teeth?

Whether you’ve just had a baby, have a baby on the way, or are thinking about having one, there are quite a few bits of info you need to know to take care of your baby’s oral health. Making sure that they have a happy and healthy smile now will help ensure that they have… Read more »

Treat Your Gum Disease Without Surgery

Gum disease can be a nasty issue to deal with. It can occur when plaque and other bacteria are missed during brushing and allowed to eat away at your gum tissue. This causes your gums to recede and grants that same plaque and bacteria access to under your gums and into your teeth’s root structure…. Read more »