Month: May 2017

Don’t Wait Out Oral Pain

Every now and then, we tend to feel like we can just power through certain issues we’re dealing with, even when you don’t know exactly what the problem is. You might have a pain or ache that is nagging at you, but you think it could go away if you just wait it out. It’s… Read more »

Get The Most Out Of Your Toothbrush

Your teeth do a whole heaping lot for you and your body. They chew your food so you can stay energized, they maintain your face’s structure, and they let you express yourself with a nice and bright smile. You owe it to you and your teeth to give them the best care possible. Doing that… Read more »

Dr. Everett Supports The Alzheimer’s Football League

The Sharon Dykes Foundation held a golf tournament on May 7th at the Shadow Hills Golf Course in Lubbock, TX. Local dentist Dr. Everett participated in the event, which was put together to benefit the Alz FL (Alzheimer’s Football League). All the money raised went to local Lubbock projects, community awareness, Texas Tech Health Sciences… Read more »

These Tips Help Your Teeth And Your Waistline

The weather is beginning to warm up, everything is bright and green, and everyone is getting their summer vacation plans ready. It’s almost summer time, which means beach season is right around the corner. You want to make sure you have the best body you can for that new two-piece you have in the closet…. Read more »