Uncover Your Impacted Canine And Your Smile

If you are suffering from crooked, misaligned teeth, you may also be struggling with confidence in your smile. Crooked teeth can wreck your self-confidence, making you think twice before smiling in a photo or at a joke you just heard. Your misaligned smile can also cause you to have an unhealthy bite, leaving your teeth vulnerable to further damage. Thankfully, your dentist may be able to resolve this issue by uncovering your impacted canine and your smile.

Why And How?

Canines can become impacted for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your baby tooth stayed for too long
  • The tooth bud was not positioned correctly in the jaw bone
  • You lost your baby tooth too early, causing other teeth to move into the canine’s place
  • Your jaw bone has a cleft or indentation around the tooth root
  • There is a discrepancy between the shape or length of your dental arch and the size of the tooth

Whatever the reason for your impacted canine, your dentist may be able to uncover it as long as it has not fused with the jaw bone (in which case, the tooth is then extracted and replaced with a dental implant). If the impacted canine is not fused to the jaw bone, your dentist will remove the gum tissue and bone that is covering the tooth, place a metal button onto the top of the tooth, then attach an elastic or gold chain to the button as well as the metal bracket that is around the rest of your teeth. This chain will slowly shift the tooth into place, providing you with a complete dental ridge.

We Can Uncover Your Smile

Whether it’s an impacted canine, uneven gum tissue, or other dental issues, we can provide you the services to restore your smile. Schedule an appointment today. Contact us at our local Lubbock, TX office at 806-686-1263.