Month: April 2017

How Preventing Gum Disease Benefits Your Whole Body

Preventing all dental health issues is important, especially since the damages they cause are often permanent. When it comes to gum disease, however, prevention is particularly important, and not just for your oral health. In addition to being the most frequent cause of adult tooth loss, gum disease and the inflammation associated with it can… Read more »

Why You Should Love Fluoridated Tap Water!

Usually, when you hear the phrase “there’s something in the water”, you’re either listening to a conspiracy nut or a bunch of your friends are having kids at the same time. There actually is something in your tap water though. The government has been putting fluoride in public water supplies for over seventy years now,… Read more »

All-On-4 Implant Bridges Can Save Your Smile

Whether it’s cavities, gum disease, or an accident, you could be the victim of major tooth loss. Losing all of your teeth can have a huge impact on your oral health as well as your confidence. Usually, it can take multiple procedures or dentures to restore your smile’s form and function. Thanks to recent advancements… Read more »

Uncover Your Impacted Canine And Your Smile

If you are suffering from crooked, misaligned teeth, you may also be struggling with confidence in your smile. Crooked teeth can wreck your self-confidence, making you think twice before smiling in a photo or at a joke you just heard. Your misaligned smile can also cause you to have an unhealthy bite, leaving your teeth… Read more »