Month: February 2017

Why Receding Gums Are A Problem

Are you experiencing gum recession? It is more likely to become an issue as you age, but there are several reasons you may experience it even in your 40s. For instance, smoking and using tobacco products plays havoc on your teeth and gums, over brushing/brushing too aggressively, age, crooked teeth, and periodontal disease all can… Read more »

Can You Grow Up With Missing Teeth?

Home oral hygiene practices along with biannual dental visits are all in effort to keep your teeth healthy, and to prevent tooth loss. If you stopped brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once a day to remove harmful oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar, it would lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, and eventual tooth loss…. Read more »

What You Should Know Before Periodontal Pocket Surgery

Your teeth are stabilized by the roots inside your jawbone, but they are also held firm by the gingival tissue that surrounds them. When your bone and gum tissue are healthy, they both fit snugly against your teeth. Should they become diseased, however, the tissue becomes infected and pulls away–and if the infection reaches the… Read more »

What Periodontal Treatment Entails

You may think that skipping your oral health regimen once or twice a week, skipping your biannual dental exams and cleanings for a year or two, or not bothering to floss…ever…won’t do much harm to your dental health, but that’s not true. You may not realize that we have to brush and floss twice daily… Read more »