Month: January 2017

How Deep Are Your Periodontal Pockets?

Your gums, also called gingival tissue, are attached to the necks of your teeth and should be snug to help hold your teeth in place. Healthy gums are pink and firm. Dentists can measure the distance between the gum tissue and its attachment to your tooth, which is referred to as the periodontal pocket. The… Read more »

Preservation Of Your Dental Ridges Following Tooth Loss

Tooth loss, especially if you are talking about a single tooth, doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, your tooth is about more than just being able to chew, or smile without a space. The root of your tooth serves an important purpose for your surrounding teeth and your underlying jawbone. When the tooth root… Read more »

Precision And Care For Your Complicated Tooth Extraction

Many patients who need to have a tooth extracted will find that their dentist can perform this procedure without issue. However, you may have different circumstances, and need the services of your periodontist. If your tooth is damaged below the gum line, or if you have a particularly long, or curved, tooth root, your periodontist… Read more »

Is Dementia Linked To Your Oral Health?

Seniors have their own unique set of concerns when it comes to their dental health. There is age, tooth wear, health conditions, medications, and more to think about. Research has indicated that certain chronic systemic health conditions including diabetes and heart problems can cause or exacerbate gum disease and/or vice versa. Is dementia linked to… Read more »