Month: November 2016

Benefiting From A Gum Grafting Treatment

A receding gum line can be a particularly visible sign of gum disease, though gum disease is not the only reason your gums might recede. People with crooked teeth, or those who brush aggressively, can experience this issue. Your periodontist can help by performing a gum graft. This will first involve the acquisition of healthy… Read more »

What Can Be Done About Tissue Damage Caused By Gum Disease

The more serious complications of gum disease can be alarming. As your condition worsens, you could experience damage to your oral tissues – that includes periodontal and bone tissue supporting teeth. That damage could lead to the development of “pockets” around teeth, areas where damages have created spaces where bacteria can gather. Damage to supportive… Read more »

Unhappy With Your Prosthetic? A Dental Implant Can Help

The level of support you feel from your dental prosthetic is important. A quality restoration should allow you to feel comfortable with your smile, and avoid interfering with regular dental functions. A dental implant can keep a prosthetic secure, to the point where you can bite and chew without worrying how it will affect your… Read more »

Explore Lubbock’s Winter Wonderland December 3

You can kick off the month of December with a hearty dose of Christmas cheer by exploring Lubbock’s Winter Wonderland. On Saturday, December 3, the Panhandle South Plains Fair will host a full day of Christmas-themed activities for the whole family. A number of games and craft vendors will be on site, and you can… Read more »

How All-On-4 Implant Bridges Keep Your Restoration In Place

Serious tooth loss can seem like a difficult situation to surmount. While you can restore the appearance of your smile with a set of dentures, you may be put off by how they feel, and frustrated by having to remove and replace them. Even with your prosthetic in place, you will deal with a deterioration… Read more »

Recognizing How Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

If gum disease is not addressed in time, your periodontal condition can be difficult to address without help from your periodontist. More serious cases can involve a recession of your gum line, or the formation of periodontal pockets that allow bacteria to gather. Gum disease can also lead to the destruction of tissue surrounding the… Read more »

Experience The 58th Annual Carol Of Lights December 2

On Friday, December 2, you can check out the 58th annual Carol Of Lights festival, held at the Texas Tech campus. The event, held at the university’s Science Quad, is a longstanding tradition at the school. You can enjoy a live performance from the Texas Tech choir, as well as a speech from the Residence… Read more »