Recognizing A Receding Gum Line

recognizing-a-receding-gum-lineHow your smile looks can change over time. In some cases, these changes can be signifiers of oral health troubles. You may notice that your teeth seem to look longer, or seem exposed. This will happen if your gum line recedes. A recession of your periodontal tissue can be an indicator of gum disease. When this occurs, it can have a negative effect on your appearance, but it can also mean you face more of a risk for cavities. The areas of teeth below your gum line are less equipped to resist damage – when they are exposed, you become more vulnerable. If recession is tied to gum disease, there can be other oral health problems that can come up if you go without treatment. A gum grafting treatment can help with the cosmetic effect of gum recession, and help you recover from poor periodontal health.

How A Gum Grafting Treatment Can Help Your Oral Health

Having your periodontist restore your gum line with a gum grafting treatment can make your smile look the way it once did. Your relative cavity risk can also go down, as the vulnerable portions of teeth will be covered again. What you should also know is that if recession is linked to gum disease, the presence of healthy tissue can encourage recovery.

Restoring Damage Done By Advanced Gum Disease

The damage you incur when you suffer advanced gum disease can be significant – the destruction of oral tissues is severe enough to cause tooth loss. You can also see oral structures weakened. Your periodontist can rebuild what has been lost. That includes helping to save vulnerable teeth, and – when necessary – placing a dental implant to support your tooth loss.


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