Using Technology To Study Your Periodontal Health

using-technology-to-study-your-periodontal-healthA careful survey of your teeth, gums, and jaw can help your periodontist draw an informed conclusion about the periodontal care you need. The images gained from a CBCT scan can produce a detailed look at problems caused by gum disease. It is important to understand that an advanced form of gum disease can cause significant problems, especially to the tissues that support your teeth. Your periodontist can check on what sort of treatment you need to restore your oral health after gum disease, as well as take images that help them prepare for placing a dental implant.

Looking For Problems Caused By Advanced Gum Disease

If you have come to your periodontist for help after leaving gum disease untreated, you could need serious help with your oral health. If deterioration of bone and soft tissue has caused problems for your tooth support, your periodontist can work to save your teeth from being lost. Biocompatible barrier membranes can be introduced to these areas, to help foster regrowth that brings back the support your teeth need.

Studying The Health Of Your Jaw Before Placing A Dental Implant

Before you receive a dental implant, your periodontist will have to study the area where it will be placed. This can help plan for the placement, but it also serves as a check to confirm that you are in sufficient condition to receive the implant. Not everyone who is interested in a dental implant will have a jaw that is healthy enough to accept this artificial root. If your periodontist sees that you might be a poor candidate, a bone graft to your jaw can be called for.


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