Month: September 2016

Quiz: Using Dental Implants To Support Replacement Teeth

The improvement to your smile may be reason enough for you to seek a prosthetic for a lost tooth, or for lost teeth. Lifelike dental prosthetics can help you recapture the smile you remember from before experiencing tooth loss, but the benefits are more than just cosmetic. Your oral health is at its best when… Read more »

Problems With Your Periodontal Health Can Affect Your Looks

When someone has a healthy smile, you may not think about how their gums are contributing to their appearance. On the other hand, poor periodontal health could have a negative, hard to overlook effect on your smile. One common problem linked to gum disease is a receding gum line, which can look unnatural, and throw… Read more »

Check Out The 8th Annual Pumpkin Trail Starting October 13

Lubbock’s 8th annual Pumpkin Trail will open on Thursday, October 13. The lighting ceremony will take place at 5:30 pm that day. Lubbock’s Pumpkin Trail, which is hosted at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, helps kick off the fall season by setting up a scenic seasonal pathway for families to enjoy. The trail is both wheelchair… Read more »

Using Technology To Study Your Periodontal Health

A careful survey of your teeth, gums, and jaw can help your periodontist draw an informed conclusion about the periodontal care you need. The images gained from a CBCT scan can produce a detailed look at problems caused by gum disease. It is important to understand that an advanced form of gum disease can cause significant… Read more »

All-On-4 Implant Bridges Offer Impressive Prosthetic Support

Significant tooth loss can be a serious hindrance, and it can have a devastating effect on your confidence. Conventional dentures can offer cosmetic support, but they may lack the necessary stability you need for biting and chewing. They can also require uncomfortable epoxies to stay in place. You can enjoy real support with the help… Read more »

3 Reasons To Be Quick About Having Gum Disease Treated

You could start to worry about your periodontal health because your gums look red, or they seem to be swollen. It is possible that you have found yourself bleeding when you care for your teeth. If you are noticing these signs, you should reach out for professional periodontal care. The longer you let an infection… Read more »

Take Steps To Ensure A Successful Dental Implant Placement

A dental implant allows you to enjoy a restored smile by permanently holding a prosthetic tooth. Having a full set of teeth restores your capacity to chew, bite, and speak the way you did before suffering tooth loss. It also protects you from losing more teeth, and from developing issues with your jaw. Before you… Read more »