Month: August 2016

3 Issues That Can Interfere With Dental Implants

A successfully-placed dental implant can make a drastic improvement to your oral health. The restoration of your full smile makes it easier to bite, chew, and speak. It also reduces your risk of further tooth loss. The implant itself actually helps sustain the health of your jaw, by eliminating the risk of deterioration. If you… Read more »

How Dental Implants Fit Into Your Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When something like gum disease is allowed to damage your oral health over time, you can find yourself in need of a full mouth rehabilitation. This means undergoing a sequence of oral health treatments that are meant to conclude with your smile being in good health, and attractive. If your declining oral health led to… Read more »

Poor Brushing Habits Can Raise Your Gum Disease Risk

Your periodontist can help with a periodontal infection. They can treat bacteria below your gum line, and – if necessary – help repair damage to the bone and soft tissue that support your teeth. So you have somewhere to turn when you develop problems with your gums, but how do your gums become infected in the… Read more »

Periodontal Work And Your Smile

If the quality of your oral health has been damaged by the effects of a periodontal infection, you periodontist can help. If there is tissue damage that needs to be addressed, like deep periodontal pockets, they can clean and restore the area to help you recover. If you have already suffered tooth loss because of… Read more »

Quiz: Oral Health Complications From Tooth Loss

No one wants to be forced to accommodate a gap in their teeth when they try to chew, bite, or speak. Tooth loss can put you in an uncomfortable position, as it can affect your appearance, and how you operate your jaw. Over time, your jawbone can even develop issues after teeth are lost. Your… Read more »

Adding Support To Your Jaw Before Placing A Dental Implant

When you lose a tooth, the area of your jaw around that now-absent tooth socket can lose support, and suffer deterioration. The good news is that you can stop that deterioration by receiving a dental implant. Unfortunately, the loss of density in your jaw can make it harder for your periodontist to safely place the… Read more »

The Panhandle South Plains Fair Starts September 23

This year’s Panhandle South Plains Fair kicks off on September 23. Between that day and October 1, you can head out to the fair to enjoy the rides, attractions, performances being put on. The Panhandle South Plains Fair is imbued with more than a century of tradition, and it has long been a popular Lubbock… Read more »