Month: July 2016

Hub City Comic-Con Comes To Lubbock August 26-28

From August 26 through August 28, Lubbock residents are invited to check out the Hub City Comic-Con. The event is a chance to mingle with fans – and stars – of beloved films, TV shows, and comic books. Several celebrity attendees will be available for you to meet. You and your family can also add… Read more »

What Happens When You Don’t Replace A Lost Tooth?

When you ignore gum disease, you can find yourself suffering serious damage to your periodontal tissue, and at risk of losing teeth. If you have already experienced tooth loss, either because of gum disease or some other cause, you should know that there are consequences for ignoring this condition, too. Your jaw functions best when… Read more »

What Is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis takes time to develop, but once it has taken hold, it can mean big trouble for your oral health. This condition is able to do consequential harm to the tissue at the base of your teeth. That deterioration can lead to tooth loss, either on its own, or because the tooth must be extracted…. Read more »

How A Dental Implant Supports A Replacement Tooth

Using a dental implant to support an individual lost tooth offers a similar type of support to what your natural teeth receive from their roots. Residing in the tooth’s socket, where the root was once held, the implant can keep the prosthetic tooth stable without causing interference with other teeth. As an added bonus, the… Read more »

Fully Preparing For A Complicated Tooth Extraction

A standard tooth extraction can be handled at the dentist’s office, but in some cases, the expertise of your periodontist is required. A tooth may have damage at its root, making removal difficult. It could be difficult because the root is too long, or is in an unusual shape. There could be problems with the… Read more »

Come To Starlight Movie Night At The Buffalo Springs Lake

On the evening of August 13, Buffalo Springs Lake will be hosting a special event, the Starlight Movie Night, at the amphitheater. Visitors will be able to enjoy a free (with the cost of admission to the park) family-friendly movie, a great way to cap off the evening. Current visitors and campers at the lake… Read more »

Quiz: Dealing With Tooth Loss

What sort of threat can tooth loss pose? The most prominent effect it can have is to leave you with an unattractive gap in your smile. The disruption to your appearance can be the easiest problem for others to notice, but you can find yourself dealing with several issues. Having a single missing tooth can… Read more »