Month: March 2016

What Is Crown Lengthening?

When your gums need special care, your periodontist can help treat whatever issue is causing problems for your oral health. This is not limited to just addressing gum disease. Some people have gum tissue that covers up more of their teeth, and leaves them with teeth that seem short, or squat. This can be a… Read more »

How Your Periodontist Can Assist With Dental Complications

Your periodontist can do more than just assist with problems concerning gum disease. If your particular dental needs are unusually complicated, they can perform treatments to help you bring your oral health into good standing. You may have a problem tooth that erupted improperly, and needs to be extracted surgically. You could have problems with… Read more »

What Connects Bone Grafting And Dental Implants

Before your periodontist can insert your dental implant, and start the process of restoring your incomplete smile, you may require a bone graft for your jaw. Why is this procedure sometimes necessary? If you want to safely and successfully receive your implant, you need adequate bone density in your jaw for it to accept it…. Read more »

3 Reasons To Receive A Gum Grafting Treatment

If you have experienced recession with your gum tissue, a gum grafting treatment can help you effectively restore what has been lost. To perform a gum graft, your periodontist will take healthy material from your palate, or from an area of your gums that have more material. In some cases where you do not have… Read more »

What Is A Provisional Implant Restoration?

A dental implant is commonly counted on to provide security for a replacement tooth, but it needs time to heal, to ensure that it is placed properly. Your periodontist will insert the implant directly into your jawbone, after which the bone will start the fusion process with the titanium post. While you must wait for… Read more »

Methods Of Stopping Gum Disease

When you put in the work to provide good oral care at home, you can limit your risk for suffering gum disease. However, if you do develop a periodontal infection, you should seek treatment. Gum disease can cause your gums to swell, and make them appear redder. You may observe a tendency for your gums… Read more »

Ballet Lubbock Presents Snow White April 8-10

On April 8 through April 10, residents of Lubbock can check out a performance of Snow White, organized by Ballet Lubbock. Hosted at the Civic Center Theater, the classic tale will be performed by Lubbock’s local ballet troupe, and is also being presented by American National Bank. An evening performance of the ballet will be… Read more »