Month: February 2016

Understanding What Full Mouth Rehabilitation Can Do For You

If problems with your teeth are more advanced, the solution may be several treatments, not one. Whether your problems stem from dental alignment, gum disease, or tooth loss (or a combination of these factors), your periodontist can help. You can work with your periodontist to arrange a strategy for fully restoring your oral health. If… Read more »

Check Out The Buffalo Spring Break Run March 12

On Saturday, March 12, the West Texas Running Club will host its annual Buffalo Spring Break Run! Runners can participate in a five mile run, as well as sign up for a two mile run. The race is taking place at Buffalo Springs Lake, known fondly as the “Oasis of West Texas,” starting at the… Read more »

Preventing Tooth Loss In Patients With Gum Disease

Gum disease has a destructive effect on your gum tissue, and the bone around your tooth sockets. If gum disease advances to the point of periodontitis, the support around your teeth can be eliminated, and your teeth can be lost. If you show signs of gum disease, your periodontist can help fight the disease’s effect… Read more »

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

A dental implant stabilizes a prosthetic tooth by effectively functioning as its tooth root. The implant is inserted into your jawbone, with your periodontist using a digital scan of the area to determine the most appropriate placement. Will a dental implant be the right approach for you to replace a missing tooth? It can often… Read more »

Lubbock Hosts The Viva Aztlan Festival March 11-12

For more than 22 years, the Viva Aztlan Festival has helped Lubbock celebrate Mexican heritage with impressive displays of music, dancing, and culture. The event will be held this year on March 11th and 12th, with several workshops and special events available to the public. Workshops, competitions, and showcases will be held at the Lubbock… Read more »

Addressing Bone Loss In Your Jaw

There are many consequences that accompany tooth loss. Many people worry about tooth loss because of how it will affect their smile, but the concerns go beyond the cosmetic. Over time, the lack of stimulation from tooth roots can leave your jawbone deprived of the proper blood flow needed to receive enough nutrients. This can… Read more »

Fighting The Effects Of Advanced Gum Disease

When gum disease progresses to the stage of periodontitis, it can significantly undermine the health of your gums and jaw. This condition can cause “pockets” to form around the roots of your teeth. These pockets, caused by the loss of bone around the root, leave openings for accumulated bacteria. As a consequence, you can face… Read more »