Month: November 2015

Will My Tooth Need To Be Removed?

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity, gum tenderness, or bleeding in your mouth? If so, you may have gum disease, third molars, or tooth damage (decay or infection). Now, you’re probably wondering, “will my tooth need to be removed?” It’s hard to say without getting a good look at what’s going on inside your mouth, but,… Read more »

How Do You Treat Gum Disease?

The dreaded periodontitis – gum disease – how did this happen? Well, it may have started with poor oral hygiene habits, but don’t worry just yet! With technology nowadays and how advanced dental treatments and appliances have gotten, we’re able to treat your gum disease and help to restore your teeth in a natural looking… Read more »

Holiday Activities in Lubbock, TX

As Thanksgiving draws closer and closer, we anticipate the days of December that are usually filled with snowflakes, warm fires, and, most of all, holiday cheer. Have you begun your shopping list yet? Are you planning on waiting until the last minute to finish crossing those items off? Why not start now! Stores are beginning… Read more »

How Do You Extract Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually need to be removed unless you’re one of the few lucky ones who has them come in perfectly aligned. How do you extract wisdom teeth? Sometimes extracting your wisdom teeth can be as easy as removing any other tooth, especially if it has already erupted through the gum line…. Read more »

How Can A Dental Bridge Help You?

There are multiple reasons why you may have lost your teeth; gum disease, tooth decay, bone decay, injury, etc. There are also multiple ways to restore the aesthetic appeal of your smile and the functionality of your teeth; dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. Each restoration option having their own benefits, bridges can offer a… Read more »

Help! Can You Save My Teeth?

If you let periodontitis go untreated, chances are you’re going to lose a tooth, or maybe a few teeth, to it. Gum disease is caused by bacteria that infects and damages your tissues, bones, and ligaments. Unfortunately, without these, there isn’t much to hold your tooth in place – this is why teeth are lost…. Read more »

How Do You Prevent Gum Disease?

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is caused by bacteria in your mouth that has infected your gums. It leads to tooth loss, bone loss, and decay. There are several ways to treat gum disease, but there are also several ways to prevent it. Awareness is key – knowing how to prevent infection, knowing what to look… Read more »